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At the moment, I spent most of my time at A&R. I'm SO excited… - The pointless ramblings of Lady Severina Skellington, Esq. [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]
The manor of Lady Severina Skellington Esq.

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[May. 27th, 2006|10:12 pm]
The manor of Lady Severina Skellington Esq.

At the moment, I spent most of my time at A&R. I'm SO excited about our big movie that we'll be doing in summer. Alexander and Raissa managed to buy a new camera, one that films in Cinema quality (please don't ask me what the stuff is called, my technical knowledge is somewhat limited). Anyway, we're planning to do a movie of 90 minutes which will be a little like "From Dusk Till Dawn" (at least that is what Raissa says, I never saw it)- a mixture of philosophy, black humour and horror. It is basically about those three depressed teenage girls (played by Antonia, Sarah O. and me) who eventually kill themselves and have magical powers after that. Of course, it is much more complicated, but I'm too lazy to post the entire plot right now.
At the moment, I'm busily translating the script from Russian into German and I'm dragging all of my friends over to A&R so we can see how they will fit into our movie.

People I asked if they want to participate:
Antonia (agreed)
Sarah O. (agreed)
Leslie (agreed)
Kristina (agreed)
my brother (reluctantly agreed)
my mom (agreed, if she has the time)
Fabian (undecided, more on that later)
Simon (asked him ages ago, when we were still talking, but he didn't want to... ahhh well, he is an idiot I shouldn't waste my time on anyway... ever since he got Mister Popular in Mannheim's gay scene, he doesn't care about his old friends (us) anymore and so we don't talk a lot)
Maurice (agreed if he has the time)
Ariane (Ariane wasn't sure at first, because unlilke me, she's rather shy, but I think I will be able to convince her to participate in a group scene- after all, her self-esteem HAS gotten better in the past few years)

People I still need to ask:
Sarah W. (maybe)
my cat (*lol* I want her to have a cameo appearance!)
Jenny (maybe)
Anna AuClair (maybe)
Manu (maybe)
ummm... I cannot think of anyone else right now)

Okay, excuse the capslock, I am probably too old to type like this, but it is just going to be so great. It will be a fantastic end to my time here before I'll leave for college in the fall (okay, I'll still be here during the holidays, but I won't be here full-time anymore.) I will do one of the things I love the most (making movies with A&R) together with the people I love the most (my friends and family). The last two and a half years were the damn best time of my life and this will be a glorious ending to it...

Today I was at A&R as well and I had brought Kristina along. We sat and talked and I showed her some of the movies. Then Raissa said something along the lines of "Have you asked your boyfriend yet if he wants to participate in our movie?" I hadn't, so I decided to call him right away. Fabian was kinda grumpy, because he had just been sleeping. (Damnit, how much does this guy sleep? 18 hours a day?)Since Kristina has known him longer than I do, I left it to her to persuade him.

Kristina: Okay, you know that Charlotte is an amateur actress and she told you about that film we're doing, I'm participating as well. Okay, for the movie, we still need a hot, cute, nice guy- that means we need you! Charlotte is going to reward you as well! Physically, if you know what I mean! (wink wink, nudge nudge)
Of course, at this point, I was like "HEY WTF I NEVER SAID THAT!!!"
Anyway, he said he'd think about it.

Tonight, I wanted to go to the "Genesis Club" with Sarah O. and Sarah W., but I had a bit of a stomachache and I decided to stay at home.

Last night, Maurice slept over at my house. I looked over his school project (a comparison of the picture of women in "Sex and the City" and "Pride and Prejudice", lol- exactly the right thing for Maurice, my metrosexual trisexual hippie fashion queen lol) We spent a lot of time bitching about people we don't like (there's far too many of them) and after that, we watched "The Stepford Wives" with Nicole Kidman on DVD. I had already seen it before (we watched it at my little party in January) but Maurice and I still laughed like crazy. I wonder if any sane man would seriously want a woman like that, a perfect looking bimbo who is addicted to housework. I'm the exact opposite- chaotic, loud and with a somewhat neglected appearance, but funny and interesting to talk to (well, I dunno, at least that's what my friends say). I wouldn't really want a perfect husband/boyfriend because I'd feel inferior next to him.

I guess that's enogh for today... tomorrow I'll go to A&R again and bring Leslie along.
Goodnight world.